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A completely white-labelled
payments platform,
engineered for growth

Don’t spend millions on an onboarding portal for your partners.
With Templar you have an off-the-shelf Whitelabel option to
ensure consistency of Application packs. Allow your partners to
onboard merchants and take payments almost instantly.

Payments for any business

We offer instant onboarding for
a ecleptic mix of risk types. We
allow for Instant Onboarding
and access to 12 Financially
licienced payment instiutions
out of the box.

Reduce waste

Allowing your partners to
White-label our solution ensures
all applications are checked prior
to ending up with your risk and
Compliance teams. Reduce
onboarding friction and limit

Optimize your revenue

The more partners, the lower
the cost. We can help you
expand globally through our
network of financial
institutions and increase your
current book and offerings.

Compete against the best

A number of Aquiring
Banks have released their
own onboarding portals
in recent years. Templar is
an off-the-shelf
competitor. At a fraction
of the price.

Software Resellers

You have the customers, we have
the technology

Provide everything we have under your own brand. Templar are
looking for well respected software retailers to allow us to expand into
global markets.

Strategic Alliances

Templar run the platform via strong alliances with
experienced 3rd parties. We’re always intrested in discussing
how both companies can grow via vested intrest in each

Worthy of your name

Templar job is to ensure we stay in the background. Allowing your
brand and name to flourish with beautiful and intuative
technological design

Fair pricing

Templar are able to offer market leading pricing and residual splits
to our customers. You can too. We ensure all parties believe in the
project and work on economies of scale to keep prices low
to ensure you can compete with the Banks and FinTechs
on price and value of service.

Acquiring banks

Win back the business lost to
tech and big banks

Beat the Fintechs and Global banks

A lot of Aquiring banks, Pay-Fac’s, EMI and AEMI’s are
SME’s too! It’s simple enough. Use our technology to
compete tech stack vs tech stack with the likes of Stripe,
Paypal and Adyen and ensure any lost ground on lower,
medium and higher risk Merchants is made up.

Maximize Profits

We don’t stop at E-commerce onboarding with POS,
SoftPos and Bank accounts soon to be available too.
We don’t believe in buzzwords such as Omni-channel
but we do believe in a suite of services to maximise
profits and allow cross sell and upsell potential under
your brand

Sales People

Refer customers to Templar and earn
in perpetuity

Be a part of the first white-labelled end
to end merchant onboarding platform
and Gateway

Get access to a Templar email address and operate under the Templar brand

  Reffer Merchant services brokers to us and earn from each and every application (for the lifetime of the account)

Become part of the Software brand
taking the industry by storm

We have big idea’s that we’re managing to deliver upon. The
platform will only contrinue to become more advanced and
support Merchant Services brokers globally

Earn while you’re sat around

We induct and train so that you can demo. We
have crazy high conversion rates and buzz around
the brand. There is always something to shout
about at Templar.

Track your commission at one-click

View the real-time status of all your refferal partners via
the partner portal

Become part of the Templar team

No beurocracy, we don’t take ourselves all that
seriously and we only partner and hire those
that believe that payment processing
technology should be for everyone. Not just
the big banks and Fintechs.

The Technology Movement That
Powers ISOs

The Templar Payments web application products are the technology movement that powers ISO’s

Full Access Beta

Software Resellers

Acquiring banks

Sales People

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