Full Access Beta

Fully Digital
End-to-End Merchant Onboarding

Accepting more merchants in less time = more profit! A
fully white-labelled web application AND Payment gateway
with PCI DSS Level 1 acreditation. Place Merchants out of
the box.

Solutions Made For You

Beautiful design and smart technology combine to allow Merchant Services
Brokers to onboard en masse at speed! Onboard Low, Medium and Higher
risk E-commerce merchants.

Control Everything In
a Single Space

Set Up in Minutes
(Not Days and Weeks)


Connect to 11 banks

Sign up and submit to 11 banks in minutes
with just one click. Out the box.

Fully Digital

Removing MAF’s forever with
Fully-digital API to Acquirers in-built

Gateway Choice

Choose from Gateway Lite,
Gateway-to-gateway or Full Whitelabel

You're in Complete

The web application is hosted on your domain, via your own AWS instance and you own 100% of your data.

You have access to Two Factor authentication and specific user roles and access for sales people.

You can delete individual and complete merchant files from the server at the click of a button.

“After feedback from 300+ payments guys, we found Privacy and Security to be fundamental. Everything we do has that in mind. Our customers should be in complete control.”

Kathryn Miller, Founder of Templar Payment

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The Templar Payments web application products are the technology movement that powers ISO’s

Full Access Beta

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