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Templar is a leader in Global Merchant onboarding for the payments industry. The Templar Payments™ platform allows Merchant Service Brokers of ALL sizes to onboard merchants quickly using technology to cut down application time, and you can apply to multiple banks at once. This reduces the level of application rejection, increases conversion rates and reduces recurring costs. You can now compete against the Fintechs with off the shelf, fully white-labelled web application technology!

A Technology-First Approach to
Payments and Finance

Instant Merchant Onboarding

Offer your merchants instant
E-Commerce onboarding via
an ‘Apply Now’ button on
your website. Compete
against Stripe with Digital
First onboarding

Fastest-Improving platform

We move in days and weeks, not
months and years. We listen to
our customers via our Bigger
Community. Templar is a
cooperation of knowledge,
buying power and a whole
bunch of incredibly talented
developers and security defence

Battle-tested reliability

Fully hosted on your
domain, with enhanced
security protocols and
hosted on an AWS instance.
Your merchant’s data is
owned 100% by you and
secured by the Templar
Cybersecurity team!

Regain Control

Become completely
independent of Gateways
and Banks. Connect with
any Acquirer and any
Gateway via our Smart
Connect Admin

Free Trial

Everyone is welcome to sign up for out free trial today. See for yourself how
much Templar can improve your onboarding journey!
No credit card information required.

Grow Your
Business Quickly


One Click Applications

Apply to multiple banks with a
single click

Sales Dashboard

Monitor your sales and data all in
one place.

Message Centre

One portal for all of your

Take Control Of Your
Onboarding Process

From document chasing at the beginning of the process to the Aquirer applications at the end, Templar Payments™ allows you to maintain complete control. Our system gives you the ability to manage applications throughout the onboarding process with ease and peace of mind. It’s frictionless to request documents from your merchants with a link, and keep in touch via the messaging centre; it’s simple to view the progress of applications through the sales dashboard; it’s effortless to apply to multiple banks in one place, at the click of a button. Templar gives you the power of efficiency, clarity and no more wasted time.

“Our job is to give you the technology to compete Tech stack vs Tech stack with the worlds biggest Fintech companies”

Nathan Watkins, Founder of Templar Payment


Offer your Merchant a fully digital online payment experience
for almost any platform, tech, risk type or use case throughout
the EU.

Key Features

Provide a world class user experience from app to transaction,
and beyong with a united real-time account balances for
online & bank payments.

Key Features

Help your Merchants get paid faster!

Key Features

Give your clients an opportunity to run better more eye-catching
and profitable marketing campaigns

Key Features


Your client creates an order template with a public link


They add it in their marketing emails or promo posts on social media


You help your client to receive more orders, increase revenue and serve
more payments

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The Templar Payments web application products are the technology movement that powers ISO’s

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